Emsland Fresh Poultry

With a capacity

With a capacity of 24.000 chickens an hour, this plant is one of the most modern chicken slaughtering and processing facilities in Europe. In-line fresh slaughter in 2-shift operation resulting in maximum utilization of machinery with butchering, further processing, packaging, waste water treatment, water utility services, refrigeration plant, social and office facilities.
30% market share for chilled fresh products in Germany
30% produced for export

  • Client: Emsland Frischgeflügel
  • Location: Im Industriepark 1, 49733 Haren
  • Building time: 8 mth. (SL 1), 6 mth. (SL 2)
  • Covered area: 15.000 m² (SL 1), 17.000 m² (SL 2)
  • Year of construction: 2003 (SL 1), 2007 (SL 2)

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